Medical Apps for Android

Here, I would like to mention the medical apps that I am using on my android tablet (nexus 7). All of them are available on google playstore for free.

1. Medscape – my favorite reference app; you can have offline access except pictures and videos if you downloaded the data; it is all about:

  2. CLINICAL REFERENCE FROM MEDSCAPE REFERENCE – Drugs; Diseases, Conditions & Procedures; Medical Calculators

2. Epocrates – my second-line reference; I like the calculators in it too

3. Calculate by QxMD – Calculate, calculate, calculate everything !

4. NICE Guidance – no need to explain; the name implies; just the UI making me disappointed

5. Prognosis : Your Diagnosis – great case scenarios for clinical practice, judgement and decision; discussion part is really awesome

  • Prognosis : STD
  • Prognosis : Respiratory
  • Prognosis : Diabetes
  • Prognosis : Cardiology
  • Prognosis : Questions

6. Quick LabRef – Quick Clinical Laboratory Values Reference

7. MPR – Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) provides concise prescription and OTC drug information, side effects and interactions

8. Ophthalmology – intended for medical students but I found really helpful and informative

9. Heart Sounds & Murmurs – sounds too low to hear with normal speakers in normal surrounding; better study with your headphones (noise cancelled) in a quiet environment

I know there are paid apps out there that are really nice and useful . But, for me the above FREE apps are more than enough.

Nevertheless, if you know any good app for android, please give me a link and the information under the comments below.

Thank you.


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